Regenics Medical is a trademark belonging to Dr. Nikolay Tsaribashev. Along with his long-standing scientific and practical work in the field of immunology and stem cell therapies, since 2018 he has been actively involved in the fields of preventive and regenerative medicine, functional medicine and nutritional medicine.      

His method is based on current complex scientific knowledge of biological youth, tissue integrity and functionality, and natural freshness and beauty. The method is new not only for Bulgaria and differs significantly from the previously known practices. Along with education in preventive, regenerative and functional medicine, specialized training in London, by world leaders in aesthetic medicine and ongoing close scientific collaboration with them, allow Dr. Tsaribashev, also to develop an individual approach to maintaining a good and fresh appearance and highlighting natural beauty.

While preventive medicine provides increasingly extensive opportunities to predict and prevent disease, regenerative medicine is concerned with restoring the integrity and function of cells, tissues, organs and systems. Maintaining the biological youthfulness of the human body is an important factor in combating aging and subsequent disease.

Particular attention is paid to the treatment of conditions that seriously affect the quality of life of patients, such as burn scars, post-operative and hard-to-heal wounds, acne, rosacea, atopic dermatitis, etc. Regenics Medical’s mission is to help patients restore and maintain their health using the resources of their own bodies, aided by innovative technology and grounded in the latest advances in science.


Dr. Nikolay Tsaribashev graduated in medicine in 1997 at the Medical Academy of Sofia. As a scholarship holder of the German Rotary Club, he specialized in Immunology / Rheumatology in Tübingen, Germany and conducted long-term research in the field of immunology, stem cell tissue regeneration and imaging diagnostics. In 2005 he received his PhD in medicine.

Since 2018, Dr. Tsaribashev specializes in Preventive, Regenerative and since 2022 Functional Medicine – new, modern branches of science covering the complex theoretical and practical knowledge and skills of restoring and maintaining youth, health and functionality of the human body.


From 2018 to 2020, Dr. Tsaribashev specialises at Clinic 77 in London under the personal guidance of Dr. Kate Goldie and Dr. Daria Voropai, world-renowned names in Aesthetics. Together with them and with the participation of an international team of colleagues, he carries out research and development. He has lectured nationally and internationally (UK, Ireland, Spain, Monaco) in the field of Aesthetic Medicine, where he and his colleagues introduced ultrasound as a method of increasing the safety of patients treated with fillers.

In 2022, Dr. Tsaribashev launched his practice in Preventive and Regenerative Medicine and Regenerative Aesthetics in Sofia.


+ 359 897 744 337

32 Kazbek Street, Sofia