Describing the changes in the skin around women’s eyes with age, we need to know that they are associated with several key factors. First, the skin becomes thinner and loses its elasticity and hydration, which is a result of the decrease in hormone levels. This leads to more visible blood vessels and shadows under the eyes.

Also, the bone structure changes with age, as the eye holes widen and the muscles around the eyes weaken, contributing to the appearance of so-called “bags”. The subcutaneous fat may also sag, increasing the visibility of the ‘bags’. All of these processes make the face look more tired over time.  Here are the actual changes that take place:


At Regenics Medical, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of the tissue and function of each patient’s eye area. Following this analysis, we develop a customized plan to restore the health and function of this area, paying special attention to the specific needs of women and their aging processes. Our plans focus on the individual mechanisms of aging that are specific to women, such as the loss of density and hydration in the tissues, as well as the reduction of structural support and fatty tissue, adipose tissue, and accumulation of “age-related” pigments leading to a permanently tired appearance.


At Regenics Medical, we follow the physiological principles on which the human body functions. Knowing the mechanisms of tissue aging, having individually different severity in this process, therapies are accordingly individually selected to respond with the necessary degree of loss of the respective cell and tissue function.

A unique combination of growth factors in different formulations (endoret™), light therapy with a different combination of chromophoric (photon energy transmitting) substances (Fletech™), cold atmospheric plasma (PlasmaOne™) are used to restore the periocular area.

The methodology of Dr. Tsaribashev and Regenics Medical follows the physiology of the body, which gives a holistic approach and is a primary advantage over other methods and technologies. By following body principles, no serious side effects can be expected. This makes the technologies safe. Another significant advantage, which will be mentioned below as a “disadvantage”, is the gradualness of the positive changes. In other words, freshness and good looks increase from day to day, without the “visible” external intervention, because it is actually an intervention from within.

It is important to stress the non-invasive or minimally invasive nature of the therapies.

Because our methods utilize the body’s natural regenerative powers, there is no risk of over-correction, long-term unevenness, or other side effects that are often associated with hyaluronic fillers and similar procedures.


A major “disadvantage”, which above is a distinctive advantage of the methodology, is the gradualness of the onset of positive changes.  The process of tissue refreshment, tightening and sealing develops over time, usually over several weeks. The appearance improves steadily over time.

Since the method is based on the human body’s own repair processes, there may be some recovery period with mild swelling, swelling and slight redness for 2-3 days (up to a week in rare cases). These effects disappear spontaneously and do not need special care or interventions.


Depending on the applied technology or the combination of them, a therapy can last between 30 minutes and 2 hours. If it is possible to overlay the individual therapies one after the other on the same day (e.g. to achieve a faster effect), then the downtime is extended.


Since the technologies use the patient’s own resources, there is no possibility of overcorrection, permanent asymmetry and other side effects typical of, for example, hyaluronic fillers. Possible side effects determine the possibility of recovery time. Transient mild swelling, redness and swelling (endoret™) are actually DESIRED reactions, as the natural repair processes of the human body go through them. The possible mild “tan” after using Fletech™, and the possible mild redness after using PlasmaOne™ are rather desired reactions, i.e. the biologically correct response of the tissues undergoing treatment.


Due to the fact that Dr. Tsaribashev’s method of tissue regeneration uses the human body’s own healing processes, a certain recovery period can be expected after therapy with the body’s own plasma (endoret™)This may include mild swelling and edema for a period of 2 to 3 days (rarely up to a week) and temporary mild redness for a few hours. Also, mild pain may occur as a result of the minimally invasive therapy. These effects usually resolve on their own and do not require special care or interventions. Fletech™ light therapy may result in a light tan that is transient. It is important to note that this tan is not the result of a “tan” due to UV rays, as Fletech uses highly focused blue LED light.