The principles and holistic approaches of preventive, regenerative and functional medicine are at the core of Regenics Medical’s work. The progress of understanding of the aging processes in the human body and scientific advances in recent years allow for an increased diagnosis, restoration and maintenance of the human organism. Innovative technologies and therapies, individualized planning and bioactive products for everyday use complement the mutual path of health, youth and natural beauty along which we accompany our clients.



Regenics Medical offers a range of regenerative treatments combining scientifically based, high-tech methods to reconstruct tissue youth and fresh appearance. We follow the principle – health from the “inside” gives freshness to the “outside”. Our goal is to create a personalized experience focused on our clients’ own natural beauty and adding to their confidence and well-being in everyday life.

Regenics Medical uses scientifically based and proven regenerative treatments, combining high-tech methods for restoration and rejuvenation:


Procedures for skin problems: erasing the traces.
Combatting acne, stretch marks, chronic wounds, burn scars, cesarean sections, and injuries; Erasing hypertrophic, keloid, and contracture scars.
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Specially for You, Women 40+: Procedures for Healthy and Youthful Skin.
"For ladies aged 40 and above who wish to embark on a more specialized skincare regimen. In our cozy oasis, we know each of our patients and strive to achieve holistic balance by keeping your skin healthy. We believe in the beneficial skincare model and offer you a personalized approach for optimal results.
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Men 40+: Your Individual Care for Youthfulness and Vitality.
Specially designed for men over 40, our series of regenerative procedures with Endoret™ offers an innovative approach to individual care for youthfulness and vitality.
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